Who We Serve

Ahsc, inc gives a home to low-income families, seniors, individuals and people with special needs Ahsc, inc serves more than 144,000 people on any given day. We have participated in the development, preservation and/or financing of nearly 43,000 affordable homes. We are one of only a few national organizations that provide affordable housing for all low- and moderate-income populations. We serve families, seniors, and people with special needs with the full spectrum of affordable housing, including supportive housing for the formerly homeless, transitional housing, permanent rental, and affordable homeownership opportunities. You can help by making a charitable donation.

• 71% of our residents are families
Learn how we are helping women & moms
• 20% of our residents are seniors
Learn how we are helping seniors
• 9% of our residents are people with special needs (people with HIV/AIDS, formerly homeless individuals and people with physical and mental impairments)

Additionally, Ahsc, inc is partnering with Veterans organizations throughout the country to develop service-enriched supportive housing for homeless Veterans.

AHSC only helps provide quality, affordable housing programs to those in need, but also offers Resident Services that help improve the community one resident at a time. We help individuals and families learn skills and gain perspectives that make dreams of stability and hope a reality. Learn about Ahsc, inc Resident Services.

Make a charitable donation to Ahsc, inc and you can help alleviate the issue of homelessness and poverty across the nation. Help those in need live in hope.



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