Our Focus

AHSC’s three core business areas are Development, Grants, and Financing.

  • Development

    AHSC is always seeking opportunities to develop new affordable housing units either through new construction or adaptive re-use. Additionally, AHSC looks to acquire existing affordable housing properties that may be at risk of losing its affordability, and/or is in need of capital restructuring and rehabilitation.

  • Grants

    AHSC strategically pursues competitive capital grant funds from public and private sources that can be applied toward our development projects. AHSC also provides small grants and donations to community-based and service-based organizations that provide services to residents of affordable housing at our affiliated properties.

  • Financing

    AHSC plays a significant role in facilitating the capital restructuring and financing of our affordable housing projects by serving as a conduit lender of tax credit equity, a mortgage assignee, as well as seeking and providing pre-development and resident service funds.